Like all other websites, Online Casino Canada Monster collects data of it’s visitors. In this page we will explain how and why we collect data of our visitors.

Data controller

The data from this website is controlled by Online Casino Canada Monster. We are only responsible of collecting the data. If you wish to receive more information about how we collect our data, you can always send us email to

Types of data collected

We may collect the following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • IP address
  • Website usage
  • Gender
  • Age

This personal data may be collected automatically or based on the actions of the user of our website.

What do we do with the data collected?

The main reason why we collect data is to improve our website in order to provide a better user experience to people who choose to use our website. So we collect the data to improve our business.

With who do we share our data?

Since we work with third parties, our data is shared to others too. These third parties may have access to the same data and also be considered as the owners of the data that we collect. This is for example the case with Google Analytics, the analytics software we use to see what our visitors do on our website. Because most of these third parties are international companies the data is being shared internationally.


Like nearly all websites nowadays, we use cookies as well. Cookies are text files that are being stored in your browser so that the browser remembers that you have visited certain sites. Of course you have the ability to remove these cookies whenever you choose to do so.

Cookies we use:

  • Google Analytics


We reserve the rights to make changes to this policy at any time. It is therefore recommended to visit this page on a regular basis to stay updated.